RBC7 APC CARTRIDGE battery replacement cartridge with wires & connectors

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RBC7 APC CARTRIDGE battery replacement cartridge with wires & connectors

RBC7 APC Cartridge consists of 2 of the 12V 18AH batteries and comes attached with the hardware to make the RBC7 24 Volt pack for your UPS.

  • Product Dimensions 7.20″ L x 6.00″ W x 6.80″ H
  • UPC Code 859952003689
Popular APC models the RBC 7 fits:  Smart-UPS 1500, Smart-UPS 1400, SUA1500, SUA750XL, SUA1000XL, SU1400NET, SU1000XLNET

Other models this RBC7 is compatible with are:

APC BP1400, BP1400I, BP1400X116, DLA1500, DLA1500I, SU1000XL, SU1000XLI, SU1400RMI2U, SU1400X120, SU1400I, SU1400INET, SU1400X106, SU1400X145, SU1400X93, SU700XL, SUA1500, SUA1500I, SUA1500ICH, SUA1500US, SUA1500X114, SUA1500X413, SUA1500427, SUA1500X448, SUA1500X93, SUVS1400, SUVS1400I, SU1000XLINET, SU1000XLJ, SU1000XLNET, SU700XLI, SU700XLINET, SU700XLNET, SUA1000XL, SUA750XL, SUA750XLI, SUA750XLX320, SMT1500, SMT1500I, SMT1500US, SMT1500ICH, SMT1500TW, SUA1500ICH-45

Guaranteed UPS compatibility, meets or exceeds UPS manufacturer specifications.
All new components (batteries, connectors, metal tray, cables) – No Refurbished Parts
The battery Includes all the required connectors, Battery recycling guide, Installation guide, Metallic battery tray or enclosure, Reusable packaging
Ease of Use and Fully assembled for easy (hot swappable) installation – No Assembly Required
Tested, charged and ready for installation out of the box
Assembled in USA

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UPS Replacement

Weight 30 lbs
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