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AutoMeter SB-300 Handheld Battery Tester 40 Amp Load Tester for 6V & 12 Applications

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AutoMeter SB-300 Handheld Battery Tester 40 Amp Load Tester for 6V & 12 Applications

Auto Meter’s SB-300 6 and 12 volt battery testers are a great addition to any technician’s tool box.
The SB-300 delivers accuracy, speed and ease of use while completely measuring battery, starting system, and charging system in under 82 seconds. This tester utilizes Auto Meter’s patented Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology and an on-board 40 amp load for a true automated load providing an accurate test that will not leave you guessing.
Tests flooded, deep cycle, and AGM batteries with CCA range of 100-1600 – also detects discharged batteries, bad cells, and has built in reverse polarity protection.
This 6 and 12 volt battery tester applies a true 40 amp load to the battery in order to simulate real world operating conditions consistent with BCI (Battery Council International) testing standards.
Battery test results include: Measured true CCA, voltage and percent of charge, and the battery’s state of health (good, near end of life, or bad).
Automatically stores the last 100 tests in memory.
30″ – 16 gauge leads with professional grade clamps that are easily field serviceable.
Customer communication with optional PR-12 (external printer), PR-20 (bolt-on printer), or AC-12 (PC cable).
English and Spanish language menus and test results.
Perfect tool box tester! Rugged engineered composite housing with protective rubber boot for years of service.
Intuitive menu driven operation, transmitted via back lit LCD screen for ease of use.
Unlike competitor models, Auto Meter testers only require a single technician to run a full electrical system test due to our on-board 40 amp True Load cell.
This eliminates the need to apply inconsistent loads, such as headlights, fans, etc. which makes our products easier to use and more accurate.

Voltage: 6/12 Volt
Length: 4.5″
Width: 7.1″
Height: 1.4″

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Dimensions 4 × 7 × 1.25 in


Weight 10 lbs

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