Autometer 200DTP


Digital Load Tester

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Autometer 200DTP

The Autometer 200DTP Heavy Duty Electrical System Analyzer with VDROP & Computer Kit with Printer Kit is a premier tester.

This Heavy Duty Electrical System Analyzer with Voltage-Drop Starter Draw Test, Advanced DPL Technology, Compatible with 12v Commercial Starting Batteries, 12/24v Starting & Charging Systems, 200-1600 Battery CCA Range, 120 Amp Automated Load.

Features: Alternator Test, Stator Diode Test, 120 Test Memory, 0-30 Voltmeter Range, Vented Cooling, LCD Digital Display, Durable Anodized Extruded Aluminum, English and Spanish Languages, J1708 Compatibility. Includes Infrared Printer Kit.


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Weight 25 lbs
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