APC RBC-55 Battery Replacement


APC RBC55 New replacement battery cartridge with wires & connectors.

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APC RBC-55 Battery

The APC RBC-55 Battery Replacement comes with wires & connectors for easy installation.

This APC RBC55 UPS backup replacement battery is rated at 24V, 18.0Ah, 432 Whr. This replacement battery for APC RBC55 is 100% compatible and will meet or exceeds original specification. This RBC55 replacement battery has been tested for safety and designed for high performance.


Voltage: 24 Volt
Capacity: 18 Ah
Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Length: 7.2″
Width: 6″
Height: 6.8″

The APC RBC-55 Battery Replacement cartridge is designed to keep your UPS unit fully functional and protect you from downtime and data loss. This isa New Replacement, Not APC brand. Our RBC55 is designed for the APC SUA2200, SUA2200XL, SUA3000, SUA3000XL, SUA2200XLT, SUA3000XLT, SMT2200, SMT3000, SUA5000RMT5U, SUA5000R5TXFMR. It is pre-assembled for easy installation and is designed to meet manufacturer specifications and performance standards.

This RBC-55 Replacement is composed of:

  • 2 RBC Battery Packs made of 2 x 12V 18Ah batteries each
  • With SBS50 Connector, 100 Amp fuse, and wiring are included

Batteries are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Maintenance-Free Operation, Heavy Duty Grids for superior performance.

Please note: On-Pre 2007 APC 55 models, the connector has been discontinued. For these models, you must remove the connector from your original battery and swap it out with the connector that comes on this battery.

APC and RBC55 are registered trademarks of American Power Conversion. Part numbers used herein are for reference purpose only.

RBC-55 is used in the following APC UPS Back Up Systems:

  • APC DLA2200
  • APC SMT2200
  • APC SMT2200C
  • APC SMT2200I
  • APC SMT2200I-AR
  • APC SMT2200IC
  • APC SMT2200TW
  • APC SMT2200US
  • APC SMT3000
  • APC SMT3000C
  • APC SMT3000I
  • APC SMT3000I-AR
  • APC SMT3000IC
  • APC SMT3000TW
  • APC SUA2200
  • APC SUA2200-BR
  • APC SUA2200I
  • APC SUA2200I-IN
  • APC SUA2200ICH
  • APC SUA2200ICH-45
  • APC SUA2200TW
  • APC SUA2200UXI
  • APC SUA2200X115
  • APC SUA2200XL
  • APC SUA2200XLI
  • APC SUA3000
  • APC SUA3000-BR
  • APC SUA3000I
  • APC SUA3000I-IN
  • APC SUA3000ICH
  • APC SUA3000ICH-45
  • APC SUA3000UXI
  • APC SUA3000XL
  • APC SUA3000XLI
  • APC SUA3000XLT
  • APC SUA5000RMI5U
  • APC SUA5000RMT5U

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