Miata Battery 12V31M

Mazda Miata AGM Battery



The new AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Mazda Miata Battery by Westco

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BatteryPlex is proud to provide the Westco AGM Miata Battery as the best choice for your Mazda Miata. This battery is a superior quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM). The Westco is superior to lower grade knock offs. This Westco MK Brand AGM Battery was engineered for performance and for the Miata enthusiast by East Penn. This 12V31M battery is completely spill proof and leak proof. The AGM Miata Battery technology provides extra power as well as being maintenance free. This battery is especially designed for the Mazda Miata battery tray. The molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability. This Westco AGM Miata Battery provides high power and the best value in the industry. Order your new Miata battery now from BatteryPlex.

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Dimensions 4.03 × 1.95 × 1.03 in
Weight 3 lbs
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