APC Battery Back-Up Systems in the Event of Power Loss Due to an Earthquake


Written by: Randy Walker

How To Use APV Battery Back-Up Systems After a Serious Earthquake

As various agencies around the globe are working out Early Earthquake Warning Systems, (EEW), individuals are becoming more forward thinking and responsible about what they are storing for emergency supplies and back up services. The worst time to lose all your computer information, data, photos and other important information, is during an earthquake when power and resources are shutting down.

BatteryPlex has everything needed for an organized back up supply system, from emergency light batteries, battery chargers and 3,000 kinds of batteries suitable for all kinds of UPS computer systems of any size. The switch to a UPS backup is almost instant during a power outage.

Your enterprise will be completely covered with and APC battery until you get the generators set up. Including BatteryPlex on your list of back up supplies will ensure you’ll have the power to move beyond an emergency event like an earthquake, and provide comfort and support for others as well. Having you important information safe will avoid any chaos in weeks to come when life is returning to normal.

Earthquake early warning systems like “Shake Alert” transmit almost instantaneous danger warnings to the public, but a warning is only as good as the previous preparation that has been kept up to date. Planning in advance means there is less chance to forget to pack extra batteries, chargers to keep electronics running for communication updates, water surplus and other critical supplies.

Nearly everyone will have lighting during the first few nights of a power disruption, those of us who are thoughtful planners, and good with follow-through, will actually have a system, and an effective set up in the event of an extended power loss emergency. People may want to save money on day to day batter power, but for the big emergency back-ups, the favorite choice is the APC battery brand. Include a battery operated and rechargeable television or radio for news and updates.

  • Strong APC battery powered lighting is important for safety as for functioning during long-term power outages, so save plenty of room in your earthquake back up storage for rechargers and lots of spare batteries of various sizes. Some lighting can be stable for designated living and supply storage areas, a place for personal hygiene and somewhere comfortable is there are injured people or pets.
  • In the event of injuries, proper lighting will help others see well enough to give care. Pets may have to be kept in separate areas, and some sort of night lights can keep them quiet and calmer.
  • Additional portable lighting is needed for use when traveling from one area to another in the pitch black darkness. People never really get how dark it can get in the night until after their first earthquake. Having battery operated accessories works to alleviate anxiety in children and adults.

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