7 Reasons You Should Use an APC Battery Backup Supply


Written by: Randy Walker

In a day when smartphones are becoming more advanced, having an APC battery supply seems to make sense now more than ever. You may not always be able to take your backup supply with you, but it does help you keep your mobile equipment charged when you are at the home or office.

Of course, your traditional desktop and laptop devices can also stay on when you need them the most. The following list outlines the many benefits of having an APC power source at your business or home:

  1. You can keep working during a deadline. You have a lower chance of experiencing a power delay. This benefits you when you need to finish projects due now. It also ensures maximum productivity, even during harsh weather, because your equipment stays running during a power failure.
  2. Your personal and business files are better protected. It helps save all your pictures, and it keeps all your files and videos intact. You will not lose any unsaved work when completing projects for your clients or for your family.
  3. Your power supply stays running with no interruptions. An APC backup battery could save your perishable items until you can restore your original electrical source. In addition, it keeps data center processes running when you need them the most.
  4. It protects your equipment during a power surge. You run less of a risk of damaging your computer network and any appliances you have plugged into a traditional power supply. Having backup power could help in many instances including when a natural disaster such as an earthquake occurs.
  5. Any work you just completed will be saved. An APC power source can sense a loss of electrical power, and it can keep your modems, routers and computers on during the temporary outage. You will experience less data loss that would normally occur when your system suddenly shuts down on you.
  6. All equipment, including mobile devices, stay charged. If faulty electrical wiring causes power failure, you can keep your mobile batteries ready for when you need your device. This will especially benefit you when you’re on the go and have no place to plug your device in for a while.
  7. You will have less people mad at you! Your professors, bosses and clients may not have any idea you had a power outage when using an APC battery or alternative Power Sonic Battery. You can still submit all assigned work on time, in spite of power failures.

Recommended APC Power Features

The latest models have a self-testing mode that ensures they are working and can even last for at least several hours.

For more information about finding the best APC battery, contact BatteryPlex online or by phone. We provide you with power sources that last until you restore your original energy source or activate your generator.


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