6 Reasons To Shop For An Elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4Ah 20Hr


Written by: Randy Walker


There are many reasons to shop for an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr. From preparing for emergency situations to making sure your safety system is always ready to come online, these batteries are of the utmost importance. You need to always prepare for the worst case scenario and the batteries are going to play a very large role in this. Without the batteries, you are without lights and it is the lighting that will keep people calm. Contact BatteryPlex today to begin shopping for the batteries you require for your system.

Finding a reliable source for an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is of the utmost importance for many reasons. You need to rely on the batteries you buy and that’s why at BatteryPlex, we take pride in our quality and our affordability.

It’s What Your System Requires

When you have a Lithonia emergency lighting system, it will tell you what batteries are needed. When your safety system requires an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr, then you have no choice but to purchase those.

You Need Your System up and Ready

You never know when there is going to be an emergency and so the batteries have to be in your system and ready to go all the time. If you hesitate on buying the batteries, it could be during the time you have no batteries that you need the system the most.

Emergency Situations Call for Them

There are various emergency situations and preparation is critical. Just as you want an APC battery for your computer system and server, you need Lithonia batteries for your lighting system. This will ensure you have the lighting necessary to get everyone to safety.

Charging is Not Always Possible

When the power goes out, charging is not a possibility. The ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is capable of running for 20 consecutive hours without any charge. You may need to purchase multiple batteries so that you can run beyond this point because the power could be out for several days.

Help May Not be Close

Even if you live in a metropolitan area, help may not be as close as you would like to think. During an emergency, first responders go to where the biggest problems are. They may not be able to get to you because it’s not as problematic or there may be damage within the road, making it impossible for help to reach you – and the lighting will be welcome until the help gets to you.

People Need to Stay Calm

In the end, people need to stay calm during emergency situations and having lights on to tell people where they need to exit and show them what’s around them helps. At BatteryPlex, we recognize the importance of lighting in such a situation and that’s why we have the batteries as well as the quantities of batteries that you need. This ensures the system can always be up and running so that mass panic does not set in.


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