5 Advantages and Uses for a Lithonia Battery


Written by: Randy Walker


You may need a Lithonia battery for an emergency lighting system. If you already have one battery, you may not know why you need another one – or even a full supply of them. There are many reasons to have backup batteries available and much of it boils down to simply being prepared for the unexpected. Here are five advantages and uses for a Lithonia Lighting battery pack:

1. Emergency Preparedness

You never know when natural disasters are going to hit. While you may be given notice about a hurricane, there are other disasters that provide absolutely no notice. Tornados, earthquakes and fires happen with little or warning at all. Therefore, you are simply expected to respond. When you have the batteries you need on-hand, it is easier to act quickly. An APC battery allows you to shut down your computers while the other batteries can keep your emergency lighting system up-and-running.

2. Long-Lasting Power

A Lithonia battery should be long-lasting. Many are capable of running for hundreds of hours, which ensures that you have the power that’s necessary to keep a lighting system going, even when the electricity remains down for a prolonged period of time. In the event that you need the battery for more than the few-hundred hours it provides, you will want a back-up – and that’s why you will need more than one battery on premises at any given time.

3. Affordability

You may be surprised to find that emergency batteries can be affordable. At BatteryPlex, we are known for providing the variety that is needed at affordable and competitive prices. You can look at the details of your lighting system and then buy the according battery. Having multiple ones on premises is not only a way to prepare, but may also be the more affordable way to purchase the batteries. This will ensure you have them when needed, especially if you store them properly.

4. Calming People Down

mass panic can occur during an emergency situation. Much of this happens at night when people cannot see their way out of a building or make out their surroundings. With a Lithonia battery powering the emergency lighting systems, you have an immediate way of calming people down. As soon as you flip the switch for the lights to come on, people can get their bearings and become calmer.

5. Offer Protection

You need to have protection for the people of your business or your community, which is yet another reason to have a Lithonia battery. People are going to turn to you for help and it may be possible for you to open your doors when you have an emergency lighting system up and running that you can count on. The more batteries you have, the longer it will be possible to offer protection. It may take days or even weeks for power to be restored, so you should be able to offer lights for as long as needed to keep people safe and secure.

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