4 Tips About Charging Your Power Sonic Battery


Written by: Randy Walker


Having a Power Sonic battery has allowed you to charge up all of your electronic devices, backup power units, outdoor equipment and recreational devices. To maintain the battery so that it lasts for years, you need to ensure that you are charging it the right way. Charging the battery wrong can result in premature aging of it as the battery will hold less and less of a charge. Also, you can preheat the battery as it can become useless in a matter of hours. Find out the 4 tips about charging your battery so that it operates safely and effectively.

1: Purchase The Recommended Charger

Not every charger is suited to work with every type of battery on the market. Some chargers simply can’t provide the recommended power to the battery to charge it up, while other chargers provide too much power. Finding the suitable charger for a Power Sonic or Lithonia battery is usually easy as these chargers are listed on the same page as the batteries on our website. So you can order both at the same time.

2: Understand How Charges Affect Different Batteries

Since you might have a laptop with lithium-ion batteries, you may automatically assume that you charge your Power Sonic battery the same way as you would your laptop battery. Yet batteries from Power Sonic are not like other batteries. They require special proper charging such as applying a topping when getting a new battery and fully charging it instead of only giving the battery a partial charge. By understanding more about your particular batteries, you can ensure that they have the right power for your possessions.

3: Find Out The Right Temperatures For Charging The Batteries

Certain batteries cannot be charged up when the weather is above a certain temperature. It could cause the battery and the charger to overheat. For a Power Sonic battery or for a different battery that is sealed lead acid, you should never charge it when temperatures are above 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). These batteries should also never be charged below freezing temperatures of 0 degree Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Keeping an eye on the temperatures before using a charger will allow you to have a successful time getting your batteries powered up.

4: Don’t Get Nervous Over A Warm Battery

The battery may feel warm at the end of the charge. This warmness is normal for certain batteries as you can still use it for your devices. The only batteries that should not be used when warm are regular rechargeable batteries that you would pick up at the retail store. Also, you can disrupt the charge without there being any negative affects to the battery or harm caused to the device that you will be using.

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