4 Reasons To Have Home Emergency Lights That Are Powered By A Lithonia Battery


Written by: Randy Walker


A growing trend for people across the country is to have emergency lights around their home with each of them equipped with a Lithonia battery as a backup when the electricity goes out. This option is a growing trend versus fumbling around with your phone’s flashlight app when trying to look for candles and flashlights. Find out the 4 reasons you should consider having emergency lights in your home.

1: Safe For Children And Pets

Candles can become a dangerous safety hazard for children and pets. Even when the lights are out, children still want to play as they will toss toys around the house. One ball aimed in the wrong direction can cause the candle to be knocked over. Also, pets that like to jump on tables can accidentally knock over a burning candle. A better option is to have emergency home lights that do not rely on electricity. Instead each has a elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr to supply it with power.

2: Assists The Elderly

Elderly living in the home can be put in danger when the power turns off. It can also be difficult for them to carry flashlights and candles about the home if they are using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. Having emergency lights can allow them to navigate hallways and see throughout the home. With a charged Lithonia battery in the lights, they can have numerous hours of light until the electricity comes back on.

3: Gives Home Security

When the lights go out in the house, it can make thieves think that nobody is home and it is the perfect time to rob the place. Home emergency lights are suitable for outside the house as well as the inside. When the home lights up, the thieves stop in their tracks wondering what is going on. You can feel safer when you are at home when the electricity is off by using these lights to deter thieves.

4: Saves Money

Why spend money on candles or flashlight batteries constantly when you have a home emergency light that works with a rechargeable Lithonia battery? The only thing you will need to do is recharge the battery when the lights grow dim and you will have plenty of power. Since every emergency light will have its own battery system, you can easily maintain the light as it is simple to install. You will have the lights lasting for years and within reach anytime the power goes out versus always having to search for batteries or candles that will be eventually thrown away after using them.

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