10 Reasons You Need Lithonia Battery Emergency Supplies


Written by: Randy Walker


  1. Nothing feels worse than when your family is nervous about  an unexpected power outage or other emergency and you find your batteries won’t work. Whatever the equipment you need, whatever is urgent in your life, be covered with the reliability you can count on with any type Lithonia battery from BatteryPlex. 
  2. Get the BatteryPlex Advantage with online ordering of your Lithonia battery, for quality power service for your business or residence safety. Whether you need Power-Sonic vehicle batteries, a complete Lithonia battery back-up supply, or other AGM batteries for Powersport equipment, BatteryPlex has been the reliable leading source for your best choice of Power-Sonic batteries, chargers and other general purpose battery types.
  3. If you are the main person responsible to care for a business, your workplace, or your residence, be sure to keep high quality battery power supplies available for any emergency or maintenance task. BatteryPlex battery products help you work efficiently and gives you confidence that everything you keep watch over is safe and in good hands.
  4. BatteryPlex keeps you looking effective and forward thinking in your job when you have the exact power solution at your fingertips. Keeping a variety of batteries for all your various equipment, from forklifts to emergency exit signs, prevents surprises when the focus is on safety.
  5. Be the go-to person in your sphere of influence and have every resource available for those who count on you every day. It pays in the end when you have pre-planned to have the best battery chargers and perfect fit volt batteries handy at a moment’s notice. You can advance order a complete supply of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 volt general purpose batteries for back up.
  6. Plus. order ahead for additional, specific needs like a few Power Sonic PS-1212 rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries. They are manufactured with rugged ABS plastic cases with covers. This battery has a power/volume ratio yielding an unrivaled energy density.
  7. Also, these batteries are safe for operation in any position, because they are valve regulated, spill proof construction. Having this 12-volt, 1.4 Amp hours battery with AGM, or Absorbent Glass Mat technology, guarantees superior performance.
  8. The confidence we have in AGM batteries comes from their beginnings in military aircraft. We know they can now be used for most any high power automotive or vehicle needs. Using a very fine fiberglass mat to absorb the battery acid, keeps these battery types spill proof. They can be shipped without hazardous material restrictions.
  9. Also, AGM has low internal resistance and a long service life, so it is capable of delivering high currents on demand with consistent reliability.
  10. Adding this system to your supply of Lithonia battery emergency packs and Power Sonic Battery packs for general purposes, ensures that you are covered all around with a complete power source back-up plan.


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